Writing is an important element of any business aspect, and using the techniques employed by  creative writers will help you create better copy.


Writing a PHD proposal requires specific information. Make sure all elements are included.

Marketing should always work around the customer


Potential barriers to sale need idenitfying BEFORE the become a barrier.  Some barriers can be:

After choosing your words and message carefully, write both long and short setences to appeal to all types of reader.  After each paragraph follow with a sentence of few words - To pack a punch.

Sales letters can be sent out through the post, or simply posted online.  Their goal is usually to generate a lead by encouraging interest from a potential customer.

Understanding cultural differences is one of the most important skills that organisations require in the 21st century. 

A listening activity about a meeting at a party.

There are many phrases unique to business in english, and understanding them will improve your business communication opportunities.